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In case you missed it, Dying Light first came out January 27th 2015.


An open world-first person-survival-four player co op-zombie-full day/night cycle-parkour-weapon crafting…game.


I didn’t give this as much love and hype as it deserved when it came out. Even I could have sworn I did a review for it when it first came out,  but nope.

There were already three DLCs added earlier (Cuisine and Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, & The Bozak Horde) but what I really want to talk about is The Following and this patch>>>


Key features listed on The Following-


Let me say,  for this game,  buy the season pass, it’s well worth it.

I’ll admit, when I first got this game.  I didn’t play this game long at all. Only because other things came out around the same time, no disrespect it.

So my save file wasn’t substantial at all.  I was well below the recommended level of 12. But since co-op is an option, I just hired a bodyguard. (ie Co-op with the husbando)


Yeah, help may be needed

The buggy and buggy upgrades are the best thing.


Be prepared to see this a bunch





There are also different paint jobs you can find around the map.

I haven’t found many so far, but as they said, it is a big map and there are over 40 to choose from.

Want something else to do? Try a race or other trial around the map.


Bonus info-Crossbow! Look at me, I’m Daryl

Wreck, loose it or get it stuck?


Just find one of these, reset it, and you’re good to go

It is super satisfying to run through a horde full force or just to do doughnuts in a field. And the sounds! The sounds are great.

Check out this video the guys put up about how they got the great effects.

These people really seem to care about their game.  All the additions and improvements, you can really tell.

The AI is better, new movements noticeable, facial features are enhanced. Which is really nice. Its always disappointing when a game has a long list of fixes that you can never really notice a change.

Another thing added that I really enjoy is the Post Process Effect Customization…(picture filters) while its not recommended that you play the game with one of these on (I tried, my  eyes freaked out fairly quickly) they are really great for capturing photos.


All this and I haven’t even really mentioned the story yet.

Wiki sum up-

“Protagonist Kyle Crane learns from a survivor that cultist groups living outside the infected-filled quarantined city of Harran have successfully controlled the virus. With the Tower running short on Antizin and Camden’s efforts to produce a cure still unsuccessful, Crane decides to go investigate this supposed immunity. He heads out to the countryside, where he discovers that many of the survivors out there have converted to a religious cult called the Children of the Sun, who worship the Mother which is apparently the source of their immunity to the virus”


Yeah, not weird at all. But so far so good with this story. Of course there the normal go here, go there, do this, do that. Although there is enough context and good characters to not mind. And of course zooming around on the buggy doesn’t hurt.

If you don’t happen to have the game already, do yourself a favor and get the Enhanced Edition.

$60.00 for the base game and the DLC that’s been released. Not bad at all.

So enjoy massacring zombies…and while were on the subject, hopefully you’ve been watching this-




First let me say my rant isn’t about the fact that this is just a controller that’s price is almost as much as some systems.

My issue is I can’t %€#_=$€/£^¥ find one to €%$€%’*^( buy and I’m pissed as a  %$&’&”‘.


Really, I shouldn’t have to beg.

Chief marketing officer had this to say “Here’s the product we totally underestimated, if I could have built 10 times the number I built, I would have.”

Really Microsoft?!

You release something new and hyped about on 10/27, just when people are almost ready to start shopping for the holiday.

“Announced at e3 the controller boats hair-trigger locks, improved thumbs tick sensitivity and swappable compensation including two different D-pads. There is also button remapping”

Let’s take a look–






Oh what the shit?!

Current estimates are for as far put as March now. But still, how does this happen for a company this large?

It’s like it was set up to fail.

Now something that is in stock and available for purchase…


The bundle.

Yes, a 1TB ssd Xbox One and the new controller sold together for around $500.

Oh fine I guess I’ll just spend $500 on something I only wanted to spend $150 on.

You may think that was sarcasm, but sadly no, that’s my plan right now.

There were other reasons for that decision as well, but the main one being I can find another way of getting the controller without being ripped off by some 3rd party seller. So I guess I’ll just get the bundle.


Wait a minute…




What if that was their plan all along.

Tricky bastards.


What sources say.

What sources say.


So there’s still a little bit of a wait, but hype is hype. And for the first time in a while, I’m started to feel the hype.

*See the hearts below



Oh but why isn’t halo marked you ask. Eh, I loved Halo once upon a time.  And it will probably be good but I can wait for it, no hype needed.

Borderlands 3
I have been a Borderlands fan since the first game, I loved the 2nd to a lesser extent and to a greater extent, the pre-sequel, and all the DLC in between.

My spirit animal

So far the only thing I know is that this project  will be new-gen only.  Which may sucks for some.  But really, the time to upgrade had already came and went.  So if for some reason you haven’t yet,  best get on that.

And even if this game isn’t a direct sequel but another Borderlands story, I’ll still be happy.

The Division
It was first announced E3 2013. It has now been pushed back until 2016.
I don’t think it gets much more hype than that.

Open world, third person, shooter, rpg, mmo, with survival aspects.

So even though it’s still going to be a wait,  I’ll gladly watch anything they want to show me until then.


So pretty

Fallout 4


That is all…

Minecraft: Story Mode

I am a super fan of Tell-Tale Games. Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and Borderlands. All great. Take that and mix it with my already existing love for Minecraft and I’m hoping for a great concoction.


Quantum Break

“Quantum Break for Xbox One is an action-packed, fast paced game in which you bend and shape time in order to survive.”

Let me repeat that. Bend and shape time.

And this-“While developing the game, developers Remedy Entertainment consulted a scientist lecturer who had worked at CERN who taught them how to write the plot in such a way that it adhered to current theoretical physics”

Love that!

Star Wars Battlefront

Do I even have to go over how much of a Star Wars fan I am?

But even with that, I’m slightly hesitant.


Conversation between me and a friend–

There are other things on this list that I am also excited for.

  • Wooly World
  • Mirrors edge 2
  • Phantom Pain
  • Lego Jurassic World
  • Homefront
  • Forza

And of course anything to do with Elder Scrolls as well.

Game informer posted this chart showing whom people were most excited to hear from


And I have to say I mostly agree.

Here is the lineup of whats to come-

CFEEg3nUUAErlGT.png large

So GG!

I can’t wait to have more news!

It’s been a ridiculously long time since I or anyone else in my household has played Destiny. Sure it was a good game, but there is only so many times you can run through the same raids and/or strikes or be disappointed by drops or the inventory of a certain someone.

Looking at you Xur

Well anyway, there is something new coming soon!

House of Wolves expansion is set to release May 19th.

The fangirl in me who loves the Queen wants to be like this


but the realist in me is more like


(sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Archer lately)

As with most things, there is no way of knowing just yet. But I have my hesitations. (as I do with the new Battlefront game, but more on that later)

Changes and other facts

  • Level cap raised to 34
  • Doing away with commendation system
  • Level up existing gear by “Ascension”
  • No raid but instead
  • A cooperative battle arena
  • Of course new weapons, ships, and gear

And in case you missed this it, here is a highlight of the most recent update changes as of 4/14

  • Vault Capacity increased to 24 Armor Slots, 36 Weapon Slots, and 24 General Slots
  • Colorblind support
  • Item Lock now allows players to prevent gear and weapon items from being accidentally dismantled
  • Players can now choose to wear their helmets in social spaces
  • Fixed a bug where ammo consumables did not reliably replenish ammo
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player to lose ammo when switching weapons while dead

Bungie is always about the hype so more news is on the way, being released in small doses.

Here is a list of events they have planed as of now.

April 29th-Reveal and live gameplay of Trials of Osiris (3 on 3 clash event) and its collection of end game gear.

May 6th-Reveal and live gameplay of Prison of Elders, a brand new three-player cooperative multiplayer arena.

May 8th-Stay tuned…whatever that means.

If sure this will at least get me playing for a little bit more. But honestly, I was burnt out a while ago. They will definitely start having to pull off some major feats to get my attention back. Because as of now, I am still enjoying Battlefield Hardline.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.


Click to see in full detail

She looks pisssssssed

She looks pisssssssed

So thats it for now guys and gals, more news as I see it.


I’ll try not to get too political here.
But in a time of over eager and over armed police force, games that portray such actions may seem inappropriate.


But maybe not.

For one, in the main story, you are rewarded for solving your cases while disarming and capturing criminals alive. (Fat lot of good it does you though)

(no spoilers)

I’ll go ahead and get to my point.

It’s possible to play this game online (and be productive) without worrying about your K/D.


Yes, as strange as it may seem to most the people I’ve played with online, it is possible. And pretty easy.

Now this fact is important to my point, I mainly play hotwire.

A new game mode in which you capture a base, that happens to be a vehicle that you need to drive quickly.

So your main objective is to either drive or repair so other guy can keep driving.

Now if you wanted to you could be that guy who just hides and blows up enemy cars. And I know, that can be fun sometimes. Believe me, I love explosions as much as the next action hero.

I just like the fact the I can be in the top 5 or so, with faaaaaar more deaths than kills. One match I went 2/12 and was still 3rd on the leaderboard.

Here’s some stats.




Impressive? No, not really. But thats my point. Most these matches I’ve won despite my less than average K/D.


It’s definitely been fun. And I’ll keep trying to improve my playing but in the mean time, I’m just glad I can still be a good teammate.

But the way I see it, at least I’m trying. So…



Edit: playing as a hacker is also a lot of fun. Puts rts into it. Which wasn’t my thing before, but I’ve really started to dig it.


How I see myself


Like I have said before,

Microsoft would eventually be selling a Xbox One with out the Kinect at a lower price.

Well now we have some official news about just that.

And more!!!!




Beginning June 9th, there will be a Xbone for $399 being sold Kinectless.

Fine by me


On top of that there is more good news for everyone with a Xbox

  • Games for gold (for the One) are coming in June
  • Exclusive discounts for everyone and even better ones if you have Gold
  • More and more entertainment apps! That you can use with out Gold!

Well feel free to read the full report here.

But long story short, June is a very good time to get an Xbox, if you haven’t already.

So GG!

I’m not sure if any one else has had the issue where the One is not reading disc or tries to steal the disc away from as you’re trying to take it out.


But we have…well 1/2 of our Ones have.

Supposedly the April update is going to help with that.

Patch notes

  • Ongoing fixes and adjustments to the user interface.
  • A fix for software issue that can result in the “Do you own this game or app?” error.
  • A fix for Blu-ray drive not taking a disc after the console has been idle for a period of time.
  • Update to address an issue where some disc types are pulled back into the drive after being ejected, requiring a second eject command.
  • A fix for an issue where some games may become unresponsive when attempting to resume after the console has come out of standby.

Read more here.

However I can say that even after the update, our One still had issues with reading disk. But this may be just an issue with our particular One.

I’ve checked the support site which has this to say.

Make sure your console is placed horizontally on a flat, stable surface.

If other discs don’t load or play properly, or your drive makes a grinding noise, your console may need service.

And of course

Try cleaning the disc with a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth.

The equivalent of…

We’re going to try calling Support for our issue and I’ll report back any findings. But as of now its just a game of inserting and ejecting disk until it get recognized.

As for everyone else hopefully this update will help with any issues you have had. And if you haven’t had any issues, cheers to ya.