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Thank you for joining in!

I am The Shadow Ren and your new best friend
Coming at ya live
As long as you’re 5 by 5

Because the signal can not
will not, should not, could not
be stopped or bought or fought 

Here at the church of the holy and the damned
We fight against the man, man

Here we pray to the Jesus of Suburia
And leave our offerings for Chester
The patron saint of “I tried to tell ya”

And while some of those that work forces
Are the same that burn crosses
we’ve been slaying and praying
and grinding to beat their bosses

So come with me and you’ll see
what its like all around our nation
the injustice you’ll find
will defy explanation


There are a lot of things going on in the world, there always was and always will be. But getting older now has made me realize how angry I should be at the issues in my own country.

Each day I wake up wondering what crazy thing has happened now. The line between the truth and fictional satire is blurred and at times indistinguishable.

My idols are dead and my enemies in power, but don’t worry the resistance¬†is alive. So I leave you today with just something small I wrote

The lord is not my shepard
for I am not a sheep
and while you sleep, I weep
for the sheep are in charge
and though we may be many
they are large

Words of wisdom…
touch not a catt bot a targe