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I’ll go ahead and say this post is a work in progress.

Not only because there will be lot of mods coming available and to try in the future but, as usual, launches of updates like this never go smoothly.


But here’s what we’re working with-

“You can now browse and search for the latest and greatest Mods, choose your favorites, post feedback, and install them – all within the game. Simply select Mods from the main menu, and start browsing. You can also browse through mods online on”

First official post about the update being up was at 3ish on Tuesday, two hours later and things still were not loading.

How it works is you go to on the internets and make an account, then sign into that account on your Xbox One.

And that’s where the issues were starting. After logging into the account, then viewing the mods, most of the time it would quickly kick you back to the first screen and you would have to start again.

Or it would just stop working entirely…stupid servers.


But we (my husband and I) did get a few things to work.  Him more than I. He’s more persistent. I just played Pokemon instead while watching him.


I’ll just wait here

My favorites at first glance are the ones that I feel should have been part of the game anyway. Dialogue options showing the exact thing you will say. More hair styles, building types, and radio banter. Nights being darker and lights being brighter.

I mean, I have to hand it to the mod creators. I give them massive credit and respect.



Thank you!

There have been some issues reported-

  • Saves deleted
  • Infinite load screens
  • “Mod no longer available”
  • Not being able to run
  • I turned invisible

But anyone who had modded anything before knows that things can be wonky.


A bloody mess

New stuff is being added all the time but so far here’s some really great ones to look into. Most here are self explanatory.

heres what i found

  • Darker nights
  • Waving flag poles
  • Reneers close that door (settlers close doors!)
  • Track your companions
  • Better settlement crafting (crafting requirements make more sense)
  • WET water enhancement
  • Full dialogue interface
  • Companion infinite ammo
  • Unified clothing overhaul (wear things and different things at the same time)
  • Locksmith lock your doors (lock those pesky settlers out of your house)
  • Better item names
  • Bunker 13
  • Atomic radio
  • Everyone’s best friend (carry Dogmeat +1)
  • Enhanced blood texture
  • Snap’n build
  • Unofficial fallout 4 patch
  • Cheat menu portable holotape
  • Lowpolys-Settlement Furniture (prewar stuff)
  • Non Euclidian Paintings of the Horrorwealth (awesome artwork)

Check them out here

Want synth eyes? Want to be a ghoul? Want Maccready (or any other follower) to be 70% hotter? All possible!

Thank you literallybyronic

Thank you literallybyronic


Josh, Dogmeat, and hot Piper

Slides of some of what I’ve done so far-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bunk 13 is pretty great. I’m guessing the maker has a slight case of OCD because everything is very organized and separated.

Best thing to do is to go read comments of the ones you are interested and check out the forums.

I’ll be posting updates as I try out more things. PS4 mods are coming next month but I will only have Xbox One info as it’s all I have.

Only other thing I will say right now, is to make sure you check the notes and instructions for the mods and pay attention to what other mods or dlc it may require and what load order to put them in.




So there’s still a little bit of a wait, but hype is hype. And for the first time in a while, I’m started to feel the hype.

*See the hearts below



Oh but why isn’t halo marked you ask. Eh, I loved Halo once upon a time.  And it will probably be good but I can wait for it, no hype needed.

Borderlands 3
I have been a Borderlands fan since the first game, I loved the 2nd to a lesser extent and to a greater extent, the pre-sequel, and all the DLC in between.

My spirit animal

So far the only thing I know is that this project  will be new-gen only.  Which may sucks for some.  But really, the time to upgrade had already came and went.  So if for some reason you haven’t yet,  best get on that.

And even if this game isn’t a direct sequel but another Borderlands story, I’ll still be happy.

The Division
It was first announced E3 2013. It has now been pushed back until 2016.
I don’t think it gets much more hype than that.

Open world, third person, shooter, rpg, mmo, with survival aspects.

So even though it’s still going to be a wait,  I’ll gladly watch anything they want to show me until then.


So pretty

Fallout 4


That is all…

Minecraft: Story Mode

I am a super fan of Tell-Tale Games. Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, and Borderlands. All great. Take that and mix it with my already existing love for Minecraft and I’m hoping for a great concoction.


Quantum Break

“Quantum Break for Xbox One is an action-packed, fast paced game in which you bend and shape time in order to survive.”

Let me repeat that. Bend and shape time.

And this-“While developing the game, developers Remedy Entertainment consulted a scientist lecturer who had worked at CERN who taught them how to write the plot in such a way that it adhered to current theoretical physics”

Love that!

Star Wars Battlefront

Do I even have to go over how much of a Star Wars fan I am?

But even with that, I’m slightly hesitant.


Conversation between me and a friend–

There are other things on this list that I am also excited for.

  • Wooly World
  • Mirrors edge 2
  • Phantom Pain
  • Lego Jurassic World
  • Homefront
  • Forza

And of course anything to do with Elder Scrolls as well.

Game informer posted this chart showing whom people were most excited to hear from


And I have to say I mostly agree.

Here is the lineup of whats to come-

CFEEg3nUUAErlGT.png large

So GG!

I can’t wait to have more news!

I have been an Elder Scrolls fan for awhile. Morrowind was actually one of the first games I really got into playing. (that and Halo for the first Xbox)

So needless to say the idea of taking all the things I love about Elder Scrolls and mixing it together with all my friends (all both of them)

So enter Elder Scrolls Online—

Love the logo…Tattoo idea?

Josh signed up for the beta awhile ago. And so far we got into 4 of the dates. First, Josh played. Second and third Zach played. And this last one, I finally play. And since non-disclosure agreement has now been dropped, I can share the pictures I managed to get.




First I have to apologize. I have a short attention span. Don’t expect to be able to gather any story from what pictures I have.

That being said I still had an amazing time. Everything felt great starting out. So familiar but new too.

This beta also let you play any race and faction. So I was a Wood Elf sorcerer that was a part of the Ebonheart pact. (Why? Because I’m the mother of dragons, that’s why.)


Normal division–

  • The Aldmeri Dominion, (represented by a eagle), High elf, Wood elf, and Khajiit
  • the Daggerfall Covenant (represented by a lion), composed of Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs
  • the Ebonheart Pact (represented by a dragon), composed of Nords, Dark elf and Argonians

True to Elder Scrolls fashion, you start off locked in a cell with some mystical force talking and someone letting you free.


From there you run through the cave talking to those you meet along the way, including this jolly fellow.

Pot Head...get it?

Pot Head…get it?

Around here you meet up with a woman who you team up with to escape this place and to free this mystical force known as the prophet.

eso9Now of course there is something to fight. Why? I don’t know, everything is too pretty for me to care about what these people are saying.

eso1eso4AHHH! I don’t even care if I die I just want to stand here and stare at this.

After all of the intro, your reward is this guy–

eso6Now here is the best part, after saving him (spoil alert..)




and after the woman you were with, sacrifices herself, the kindly prophet basically tells you to go figure your life out by yourself.

Go make some friends or something–

Now I’m sure some more things will be tweaked or more dialogue added but really most things are already pretty great.



As if the inside of the caves weren’t pretty enough, one step outside and I just want to stay here forever.

I had a few more picture of the lovely giant mushrooms but they were too dark to really see anything.

But here’s the part I love the most. Seeing real people running around right beside me. In the world just a few minutes, and I got a friend request.

eso7Also here with all these people running around. I didn’t experience any lag. Actually I had very few technical problems this whole experience.

Now in the city, there were a few things to do. There was an ad for the Fighters Guild, a war going on, a guard that needed help making a choice, one guy who wanted me to go fight his ancestors and some other spirits to free.


During the time I played, there’s not many of these quests I actually completed. I spent most of my time running and jumping around…Sometimes just following real people to see what they were up to.

eso11And thus concludes my time spent in the beta. I’ll admit there was probably a lot of lore I missed. But can you blame me? I mean after two years of waiting and planning, I was too excited to really focus.

But only a few more months to wait. Release date is in June. However as far as I know that was the last beta to be available, so now were all just back to waiting…

So many things to look forward too…

ADDED–also to hold you over in the mean time go here to access a skill calculator to go ahead and plan out your character. Feel free to share your builds here!