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Thank you for joining in!

I am The Shadow Ren and your new best friend
Coming at ya live
As long as you’re 5 by 5

Because the signal can not
will not, should not, could not
be stopped or bought or fought 

Here at the church of the holy and the damned
We fight against the man, man

Here we pray to the Jesus of Suburia
And leave our offerings for Chester
The patron saint of “I tried to tell ya”

And while some of those that work forces
Are the same that burn crosses
we’ve been slaying and praying
and grinding to beat their bosses

So come with me and you’ll see
what its like all around our nation
the injustice you’ll find
will defy explanation


There are a lot of games I could talk about. A lot I have played, seen played, and am excited about. But that’s not what I feel like writing about right now.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Whether it be short stories or angsty pre-teen poetry. I used to keep these bundled together in a composition book hid somewhere no one would find it.

Ha! no one will ever find me under the bed.

Ha! no one will ever find me under the bed.

Well anyway, I am no longer an angsty pre-teen. Instead I am a 20something with a nice mixture of bitterness and bubblegum optimistic depending on the day.

So next week is my birthday and I figured maybe It’s about time I shared more of this…well…stuff, I’ve been working on for about the last ten years or so.

Some are good, some are bad. Some rhyme, some are more interpretive. But all of them have a specific meaning to me, so no overly harsh criticism.

I may have came to the wrong place seeking courteous feedback.

I may have came to the wrong place seeking courteous feedback.

Here we go—

As I Lay Denying
Come all angels
and sinners alike
When you can’t see the dawn
or make you way through the night

We hide in the shadows
in the back of your mind
Sitting, in waiting
for redemption time

Don’t fret now sugar
though the horses draw near
With the wind on your side
you’ve nothing to fear

Who watches the watchmen
this I don’t know
But watch your back child
you’ll reap what you sow

Paradise Misplaced
Now I’m standing at the door
Do I knock or just go in
I just want to get lost
but don’t know where to begin
I don’t see things getting worse
but they aren’t get better either
I’m in need of faith
Come make me a believer
Just stop all your worrying
There nothing wrong that I can see
I’m just a little undone
and coming apart at the seam

Is it even possible to have an existential crisis
and not seem narcissistic
maybe I’m not normal
but I’ve never known any different
I’m a long chorus to a song that doesn’t exist
I could write the notes but
no one would hear the beat
am I a writer or just insane?
now were arguing semantics

Rave New World
Looking for inspiration
All I find is desperation
Boxes within boxes
Empty degradation
I try to find some truth
I try to find the meaning
But all I find are zombies
Lost and dreaming

Lord Of The Lies
Sing me a lullaby
To put me to sleep
Sit down beside me
I promise I wont peek
Sweet dreams of sex scenes
rush through my head
and it gets even worse
when you’re not in my bed

Gatherings that ended too early
and stories never told
I promised you a love
that would never grow old

but the real worlds too boring
so lets run away
they could never catch us all
and together we could stay

The Templar has a Theory about Shadows
they gather together and then scatter apart like shells hitting the hard ground
war is hell
hell filled with short fuses
spewing insults and names conveying insensitive homophobic
racist sexist copyrighted offensive crude infantile spam
if this is our future
I weep for my children
but did you see that shot?
It was amazing
and that explosion
oh…now I’m dead
…now someone is now desecrating my body
…fucking try-hards

This is not an infection that runs through these veins
but a psychical manifestation of anger
a hatred fueled fever
the visible red lines of resentment
branching out like limbs of a tree reaching up to the sun
no it is not an infection of the body but of the mind
And there is no doctor to cure that
no magic pill or treatment
I will not pray to your false fluorescent lit gods!

Showtune singing suicidal stagehands
raided the mansion
climbing onto the sides and roof of the building
only to let go at the highest point
at the climax of the song
and fall down onto the sharp jagged fence below
As they were impaled, still singing in unison
I couldn’t help but wonder why they were coming for me

The lord does not shine upon this day.
Has he shined on any other?
If god helps those who help themselves,
what are you waiting for?
Are you a brave centurion, fighting to seize the day?
Or common filth, cowering to ease to pain?
Do not stand by and let darkness consume you,
take what is yours with the fire in your soul.

Ok, well there you go. That’s what I do in my spare time.

Brace for impact

Brace for impact!

GG! have a good one everyone, I’ll get back to doing game stuff soon.  ^_^