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I’ll try not to get too political here.
But in a time of over eager and over armed police force, games that portray such actions may seem inappropriate.


But maybe not.

For one, in the main story, you are rewarded for solving your cases while disarming and capturing criminals alive. (Fat lot of good it does you though)

(no spoilers)

I’ll go ahead and get to my point.

It’s possible to play this game online (and be productive) without worrying about your K/D.


Yes, as strange as it may seem to most the people I’ve played with online, it is possible. And pretty easy.

Now this fact is important to my point, I mainly play hotwire.

A new game mode in which you capture a base, that happens to be a vehicle that you need to drive quickly.

So your main objective is to either drive or repair so other guy can keep driving.

Now if you wanted to you could be that guy who just hides and blows up enemy cars. And I know, that can be fun sometimes. Believe me, I love explosions as much as the next action hero.

I just like the fact the I can be in the top 5 or so, with faaaaaar more deaths than kills. One match I went 2/12 and was still 3rd on the leaderboard.

Here’s some stats.




Impressive? No, not really. But thats my point. Most these matches I’ve won despite my less than average K/D.


It’s definitely been fun. And I’ll keep trying to improve my playing but in the mean time, I’m just glad I can still be a good teammate.

But the way I see it, at least I’m trying. So…



Edit: playing as a hacker is also a lot of fun. Puts rts into it. Which wasn’t my thing before, but I’ve really started to dig it.


How I see myself



There is an update to the update to the delayed update. Along with the revamped friends and party functions, the will also be tweaking the Xbox One controller.

At the request of Titanfall developers, Microsoft has made the controls less “twitchy” and more precise.

This update will take place automatically when your sync your controller to your One, when the update goes live next week.

Xbox Live Gold

It is free Xbox Live Gold weekend for 360 users. This will be running Friday through Sunday.

So even if all you want to do is watch some Netflix on you 360, its worth looking into.

Battlefield 4

While the Xbox One already has the Second Assault pack, the remaining systems will be getting it next week. This pack included Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm from BF3 re-imagined all fancy like for BF4.

On top of the the next DLC will be out towards the end of March. Naval Strike will include new maps called Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker and Operation Mortar. As the name implies this is mainly water-based maps so expect to see new vehicles, weapons and gadgets.

*not pictured-all the guys still trying to snipe from lame positions

Out With The Old In With The New

Now this news isn’t exactly useful, I’ll explain why later. But Microsoft is running a deal where you can trade in a PS3 or 360 for $100 off of you One purchase.

Now for the not-so-usful part. It’s only at Microsoft stores. Which there’s only one store in all of North Carolina. But if you happen to be near one, it would be a good deal.

Check the store locator Here.

Thats what news for now. Hope everyone has a good and safe day.


Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you have at least heard of the Battlefield franchise. But for the sake of recapping-Battlefield 4 is a First Person Shooter. And sometimes you just feel the need to shoot (virtual) people in the face.

And Battlefield is a great way to do so. I’ve always been a fan of Battlefield as opposed to Call of Duty. I know some people may disagree. But really, I’m not trying to play favorites. They both have their own ups and downs. I just so happen to like watching things blow up all Micheal Bay style.

Ahh, nothing says job well done like a fiery explosion.

But I’ll start of with the bad things about BF4, just to get things started. Because there’s more bad than good.*Cough*EA class action lawsuit*Cough*Last patch notes*Cough*

  • Server Issues–I could have broken this into many different topics but simplicity sake I’ll sum it up. Getting into a server can be difficult and sometimes can lead to waiting in long queues. And if you’re not a premium member you can be waiting even longer since they get bumped to the front. So be prepared to see this some–

    Oh boy, I love this game

  • What do you mean I was killed by someone with 0 health?– It’s supposedly just a display bug. (maybe they justĀ  have .05% health?) But it is very annoying to get into a one on one fight with someone, you die, and then see this–


  • Lag & Hit Detection– Referred to as net code, this sums it up pretty well–

    (watch full video to learn more)

    So as you might guess this leads to some major frustration. And believe me, no amount of trying to argue with your internet service provider about your MBPS can help your battle against these deaths. (though venting to someone can)

  • Bad teamwork and other random douches– Why bother having squads if no one in your squad ever tries to do things together? Then there’s issues with people not playing the objectives, trying to up their kill count. These people will camp and snipe usually abandoning their team in the process.

    Yeah it’s cool, just run away. I didn’t need friends anyway.

    Then there are few other minor things. Within the first few seconds of a match nothing makes a sound; guns, vehicles, voices, they are all mute.

There was the fact that at first files kept getting corrupt and things weren’t being saved.

It doesn’t feel like there are many maps with no real announcements on the next dlc. So yeah, they continue to have issues.

Now onto the good stuff, things that have always been battlefields saving grace.

  • Epic battles–On BF3 the amount on a map was 32 for the Xbox. Now it is 24 for Xbox 360 and a whopping 64 for the One and PS4.
  • “Levolution” Map changing events that be triggered that usually look awesome.
  • Really when trying to explain why BF4 is great, words just don’t do it, so here–watch these

So all and all, if you can get past all the disruptions it is still a good game. Better if you can get into a squad with friends and get some teamwork going.

The pretty pretty destruction

P.S. Frostbite 3 = greatness and making me look forward to Star Wars: Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and the next Mass Effect Link to Frostbite Wiki