What Happens If A Werewolf Bites A Goldfish?

Posted: June 26, 2016 in Random/Review
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For those who don’t know I am a giant fan of Neil Gaiman.


How could you not be a fan?

Even got him to tweet me writing advice once.

His words of wisdom- Finish things.

This may seem like ambiguous trifling, but honestly it’s something so simple that it’s easily forgotten.

Most the time when I’m dealing with writers block,  it’s not because I can’t think of anything – it’s because I have too many thoughts.


Actual Photo

I never really think about finishing things.  I think about the start,  I over think the middle,  and then…profit?

So I stop.

I zone out.

I read,  I watch,  I talk to friends,  I converse with my husband. (These are good things)

But to be honest,  I am on my phone too much.  Reading references. Finding definitions, true meanings and speculations. Looking at pictures on pinterest for inspiration. (Not as great things)


Funny thing is, I found this pic on pinterest

Does drowning myself in content equate to the ability to churn out best sellers?


So why the fuck do I keep doing it? (I’m sure husbando would love to know)

Mainly because I like to learn.  I’m not trying to melt my brain into goo. I’m trying to take in a massive of amount of data that I can use to make my own output.

Crowd sourcing my thought process. But this is a flawed logic on my part. And I’m just now getting this. 

So what does any of this mean?  Well mainly is just me venting. But a bigger picture is, I do plan on finishing things.  My thoughts,  my projects, my goals. I want to get to the end and actually  feel completed, sans the bullshit filler.

So people,  I ask for you to join me in this.  Find something you are working on and passionate  about,  and finish it.  If it doesn’t work out, do it again.


Need help?  Ask someone.  Talk to people.  Just share yourself with the people your close to. 

Time is never on your side,  so stop being perfectionist or procrastinator just finish things and then, go on to the next. 

So here I go…off to finish my book…here I go…



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