Happy New Year!

Ah another year passed. To be honest if no one else made a big deal about it, I doubt I would have even noticed. It’s been a busy and by far the greatest year I’ve had in a while.

At the beginning.


Me and my love got married 3/20. After being together for over a decade. And it was a great ceremony and reception. Still beyond grateful for everyone who came.

Middle of the year was mostly uneventful but still amazing.

Here’s me very unhappy at my old job


Here’s me super happy at my new job.


With my frizzy blue hair

Currently a customer service agent for Amazon. I get to work at home and be with my husband



11813320_1012462705439680_3784364341049204660_nmy baby!

Yes Shadowcat was the only addition to our family this year. To the dismay of some who would want to be grandparents.

Once I got working, the year flew by. And since we all know Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year that meant Christmas came in no time.


Me, me and my brofer, me and Joshs family

And the takings of this holiday–

But the real reason I was so excited for this Christmas was because I actually had money to give gifts.

The best of which was…well an inside joke among anyone who plays Destiny.


HoHoHo you get a mote of light and a strange coin

And now it’s new years eve. While others may be out partying and making terrible life decisions. I’m curled up on our couch sipping wine and watching Jurassic Park.

So I’ll say again. It’s been a great year. But so I don’t stray too far away from the main point of my blog here are my top list for this year.


  1. Battlefield Hardline
  2. Dark Souls II
  3. Neverwinter
  4. State Of Decay
  5. Borderlands Handsome Jack Bundle
  6. Don’t Starve Giant Edition
  7. ESO
  8. Fallout 4
  9. Mad max


  1. Jurassic World
  2. Mad Max

Yeah…sorry. I don’t keep up to date on movies. Most the movie I watch came out at least a year before I watched them. But really, with those two…I mean, what else do you need?


Stop! Owen time!






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