My Shortcomings As A Geek

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Random/Review
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As this GameSpot article correctly guessed, I have never played a Witcher game. Not for any reason really.  They look cool,  they look like something I would like,  just never got around to it.

Which got me thinking,  is there anything else I’m lacking? I have played all other games that were listed in the article,  so I’m proud of that.

So here’s what I’ve come up with

  • Candy crush or any other game of that sort
  • Assassin’s creed-I’ve played a little but have never beaten one
  • Fighting games-use to play Tekken in the arcade but that’s about it
  • Bayonetta

But thats pretty much it, including Witcher. So I think I’m doing pretty good on playing the best/popular games.

I can say that so far this year I haven’t played to much of anything. It’s been Neverwinter,  Hardline,  and some Borderlands the pre sequel.

God, that goes with movies too. The newest movie I’ve seen was Frozen. I guess I’m a hipster geek.  I can’t play or watch anything when it first comes out.  It’s to popular then.

So give me some suggestions?  What shouldn’t I miss? Any new movie or game no geek should go without?


  1. Faquza says:

    Bayonetta. Fix that. Now. Get it for the Wii U, it comes with both of them. Give the Shin Megami Tensei series a try for RPGs.

    • I’ve been thinking about Bayonetta for awhile now. Maybe next time I have the extra funds I’ll look into it. I need to play the wii u more anyway. Right now it’s collecting dust.

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