Who says FPS have to be violent?

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Games, Random/Review
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I’ll try not to get too political here.
But in a time of over eager and over armed police force, games that portray such actions may seem inappropriate.


But maybe not.

For one, in the main story, you are rewarded for solving your cases while disarming and capturing criminals alive. (Fat lot of good it does you though)

(no spoilers)

I’ll go ahead and get to my point.

It’s possible to play this game online (and be productive) without worrying about your K/D.


Yes, as strange as it may seem to most the people I’ve played with online, it is possible. And pretty easy.

Now this fact is important to my point, I mainly play hotwire.

A new game mode in which you capture a base, that happens to be a vehicle that you need to drive quickly.

So your main objective is to either drive or repair so other guy can keep driving.

Now if you wanted to you could be that guy who just hides and blows up enemy cars. And I know, that can be fun sometimes. Believe me, I love explosions as much as the next action hero.

I just like the fact the I can be in the top 5 or so, with faaaaaar more deaths than kills. One match I went 2/12 and was still 3rd on the leaderboard.

Here’s some stats.




Impressive? No, not really. But thats my point. Most these matches I’ve won despite my less than average K/D.


It’s definitely been fun. And I’ll keep trying to improve my playing but in the mean time, I’m just glad I can still be a good teammate.

But the way I see it, at least I’m trying. So…



Edit: playing as a hacker is also a lot of fun. Puts rts into it. Which wasn’t my thing before, but I’ve really started to dig it.


How I see myself


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