Posted: September 3, 2014 in Games
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If that was too difficult to read


#MinecraftXbox1 will be out 5th of September


*Not actual photo


Anyone who knows me though, knows I love Minecraft. And I have been waiting what feels like forever for it to come to next(now current) gen consoles.

While PS4 players still have to wait a bit, project man Daniel Kaplan had this to say-And Sony friends – you will get a Minecraft surprise soon..or maybe sooner?! 😉

While of course I do not support console wars….


I can’t help but be a little hopeful that the One comes out first.

But to be fair M$ has been on this bandwagon longer.


But for anyone else interested

Owners of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can upgrade for just $4.99* USD, or new players can download the full game for $19.99 USD. All downloadable content players have purchased for the Xbox 360 Edition is available free for re-download on Xbox One.


With worlds up to 36 times larger than on Xbox 360, now there’s an even bigger canvas to create on. Transfer your favorite Xbox 360 worlds and content to the Xbox One Edition so you won’t lose your creations. Join a community of 13-million-plus Minecraft fans on Xbox Live that are continually laying down imaginative creations. And, with the widest range of downloadable content on console, you’ll never run out of new worlds to explore with four player split-screen on one console or up to eight players over Xbox Live



Well now that I have calmed down and stopped hyperventilating, I can now tell you, if for some reason you have not played Minecraft or are one of those people who don’t “get it”, please for the love of Notch try it again!

Just imagine a world of legos that you can build and explore in. Just have fun!

Well GG!

Hope to see you all in Minecraftia


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