What I Have Been Up To

Besides the normal answer of working and sleeping. (which I am usually doing)

There are a few other things that have consumed some time as well.

Yes, just last month I have finally upgraded to the world of apps and mobile social media.


10464230_806372146048738_3406693219420158659_n 1st smartphone selfie and smartphone case

Galaxy S4

(I thought the S5 was too big)

My background. His name is Eyes in the dark

My background. His name is Eyes in the dark

Slightly a Instagram junkie now

Slightly a Instagram junkie now



I ❤ Spotify very much.

And my games list so far–
2048, Silly Walks, Bards Tale, Minecraft, Blendoku, Mind Games, Love Academy, My Candy Love and 10 Days With My Devil…Don’t judge me.


Other apps I would suggest.

  • A Beautiful Mess-A good photo editing app
  • Pokelist-A Pokedex app (works well but no pics as of now)
  • Major Nelson and Nerdist of course
  • CN video-Watch Adventure Time and Gumball for free!
  • Gamestop app-Even if I didn’t work there I would still say get this. I love being able to check my rewards points and look through the catalog whenever I want.

Well besides my girly things like Pinterest and Etsy, that’s about it.

Ahh Nostalgia

With the power 60$ and friendship, behold the latest addition to my console family.

1920204_822149431137676_6892189167046904644_n 10599133_822111031141516_1081184599680107018_n 10599498_822098721142747_7908872953789313011_n





Besides the fact that old games are way harder than I ever remembered, I have had a ton of fun. Shout out to Caleb for selling it. Thanks to Micheal C. for hooking me up with some games. And a huge thanks and <3s to Josh for helping me get the games and everything to work. Aaaand might be getting some more games soon as well.



Play GameBoy games on the SNES

Also will be ordering one of these–Super GameBoy

How awesome is that?

I know a few games that will definitely make a return from the junk drawer once we get this.

Pokemon Yellow for starters.




Other quick reviews–

Lego Movie-Super awesome

Kickass Two-Super violent and awesome

New Riddick-Super Lame but I still liked it well enough(dog is awesome)

TV show The Leftovers-Super confusing but has a captivating story that you have to see to understand (Just saying people got taken others were left behind, doesn’t really explain it well) ((Also, Christoper Eccleston!))

So that’s it for a quick post. More good news coming later this week.



2 thoughts on “What I Have Been Up To

  1. Get Earthworm Jim and Super Ghouls n Ghosts on there, pronto.

    Also, get a CRTV to hook it up to. LED and LCD TVs have horrible input lag and just look crappier on the old systems. I have a nice big ol CRTV in storage just waiting for a Super Nintendo.

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