Destiny Beta!

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Games
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I’ll admit, when Destiny was first announced, I wasn’t 100% on board. I had a major case of “been there, done that”. And people were saying how it was like Halo and Borderlands, to which I scoffed.





I hate always being wrong.


Ok, so skepticism aside, this game did have a lot going for it from the start. Bungie as developer and Activision publishing. With MMO elements, three classes and three races to choose from, and voice acting from Peter Dinklage.

That last part may not matter to some people but the idea of a little Tyrion bot following me around is amazing.

20140724_011200I pre-ordered Destiny just because. I was reserving Pokemon with some trade ins, had a few bucks lefts over, threw it on Destiny since we needed more reserves. And as a bonus I got the beta code.

I won’t even get into the bitterness I had about the fact people on PS4 got to play first. (They did) because I know some PC gamers are still upset that there was no game for them at all yet. (March maybe?)


So there I was with a beta code for a game I hadn’t cared about yet. And I’m so glad I did get it, because wow!

ABM_1406493066  ABM_1406494858 ABM_1406496640

I’m sure you would like to see some pictures that aren’t random collages I made. But I think they get the point across. The world is big, pretty, and fun.

The three classes to pick from are Warlock, Hunter, and Titan.

The Warlock draws inspiration from from Star Wars they say with Jedi-like powers, the Hunter is more of a classic recon bounty hunter, and the Titan is very much a Master Chief character.

And because of the sweet hipster scarf and special move (almighty gold pistol that dissolves people) I chose the hunter.

Destiny awaits...and is very stylish

The other classes have nice special moves as well. The Titan smashes the ground and dissolves nearby enemies. The Warlock hurls a nova bomb at enemies disintegrating them.

The three races to choose from are Human, Awoken, and Exo (robot).

While the first and latter are pretty self explanatory, the Awoken are a pale elf-like race as pictured above, because that’s what I chose.

Onto Gameplay-

Now for the most part its a FPS much like Halo and any other of the sort. But then there are other things thrown in that are pleasantly unexpected.

Since you are on a server with other real people, there are things like community events you can team up on, you can revive a random person if you see they have gotten killed nearby,

or…you could just run around the tower plaza and play leap frog and hide and seek like I did with some random person.

or join in on a coordinated, uhhhh massage line?


Either way, the presence of real people makes the game really feel alive. NPC’s are great and all, but real live help is even better.

They have used the phrase “shared world shooter” and that really does fit it well.

And as for how the game has Borderland qualities, that would be the co-op and loot elements.

20140723_040305Whoever is Fireteam leader picks a place, you get into you individual ships, and then you are automatically flown to where the mission takes place.


There you can pose for album covers

On the planets surface you and you team fight enemies, do missions, and go find loot together. (some of which were nice and well hidden on the beta) all while being guided by your cute little ghost.

*not my pic

As for the world itself, it’s wonderful. As many times as I have traveled through a post-apocalyptic world, this one still amazes me.

20140724_015319_1 20140724_021738  20140724_232628  20140724_234001 20140724_234235

The only reason these pictures aren’t as awe-inspiring as they should be is because I took them on my phone. But here is one that sums it up nicely.


The lighting is just crazy good. Like the I don’t think I have ever seen shadows look this good.

Any Critiques?

Of course so. Ok the world looks amazing. BUT it got really old after a while. If these maps are used in the the full game as well, it is going to get boring really quick. So I’m hoping the playable area is as large and varied as I hope it should be.

Another thing I noticed that I think Gamespot summed up pretty well-

“Bungie stated that the three classes of Guardians–Hunter, Titan, and Warlock– but these do not make up the “trinity” of MMO classes. The Warlock isn’t a healer, the Titan isn’t a tank, etc.

But there are still meant to be specific and important differences between the classes. The Titan is supposed to play more like the Spartans from Halo, the Hunter is meant to specialize in stealth and accuracy, and the Warlock should have the best grasp of Destiny’s “space magic.”

But the more we play the beta, the more it seems like the three classes don’t branch in any truly meaningful ways. They all still have magical abilities, they all control more or less the same, and their weapons and gear seem to be virtually identical. Right now, the classes are only differentiated by slight stat advantages and their super abilities.”

I agree completely. I love my Hunter but in the beta I didn’t feel like there was anything differentiating her from any other class besides the hipster scarf.


Of course there is PvP, there’s PvP in everything now. There are 6 different gametypes of the the normal multiplayer variety. But another slight critique, I didn’t like the way the multiplayer maps looked so far. The looked to cluttered and didn’t haven’t any sort of flow. But it should be said that I didn’t play these myself, I’m just inferring from what I have seen and heard.

And even as I work on writing this, this was posted

New Map Revealed

So all signs are pointing to that it should get better.


Which is good since I would eventually like to join the fight


So maybe this game hasn’t been over-hyped after all. Maybe it’s deserving of the reviews that I thought were just hyperbole. All I know is that September 9th can’t get here soon enough.


Whatcha Thinking About?


IDK, Guardian stuff I guess

Oh, another great thing—


I could do this all day



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