Catch Up Post-E3 and Wii U

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Games
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So, as for E3, here are some of the key things I am looking forward to. (that is to say obsessing over)

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Far Cry 4
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Dead Island 2

I think the biggest thing this years E3 made me realize, was that I need to catch up on systems. Sure we have a Xbox One, but…

So here we go. Cue my households new items—


Now all I need is a PS4. I dont know if anyone else has been eyeing this, but—

I don’t even really care about Destiny as much as you think I would, but this is pretty awesome.

Oh just rub it in Sony


But before I get too sidetracked, let me go back to the Wii U since I now have one.

The Scarf, oh how I want the Scarf

Hack and Slash!!!!!

“While Team Ninja lead developer Yosuke Hayashi and Tecmo Koei VP Hisashi Koinuma, were discussing a possible Dynasty Warriors cross-franchise game with Nintendo. Zelda was chosen due to the fact that Hayashi, Koinuma and many staff at the company were fans of the series.”

Set to release in September for the US, this game probably made a lot of Wii U sales happen, including mine.

Female badassery at it’s best

Playable characters are of course Link and then, further through the story- Midna, Impa, Zelda, Agitha, Fi and Lana will also be playable.

Each have their unique moves and abilities. And of all the things I love, the biggest thing is both online and local co-op modes.

and Agitha. I mean just look at her. awwwww


Another one for the Wii U that stands out to me.

Take a standard capture the base shooter and make it kid friendly and awesome.

“Players control characters known as Inklings, who have the ability to change between human and squid forms. In human form, Inklings are able to shoot colored ink across the game environment, with the player’s goal being to have the most territory inked in their team’s color before the match ends. Transforming into a squid allows players to swim through ink of their own color, even up walls and through grates, hiding from the enemy and replenishing their ink supply in the process. Conversely, enemy ink is much slower to move across in human form.”

For future reference, do not Google Splatoon without turning on Safe Search.

But really though, who would think. “Hey I want a new fun shooter, oh I should get a Wii U.” But really this game makes me really excited.

I mean, come on-“Players can use their ink to try and ‘splatter’ their opponents, which will send them back to their team’s respawn point whilst also providing a large splat of ink”-That sounds great.

And I love the incorporation of the GamePad. “Players can use the Wii U GamePad to view a map of the surroundings and instantly launch towards the location of another teammate.”

But really though, Don’t Google Splatoon images without safe search


And because I feel it is required to mention while talking about the Wii U.

Yes, make your own Mario.

I could go on explaining, but really, what needs to be said?

Well here is an explanation, if by chance you don’t have your own imagination.

“An upcoming 2D platformer game for the Wii U which allows players to make their own Super Mario levels. It allows players to insert blocks, enemies, items, and more from the original Super Mario Bros. The game also allows switching between the Super Mario Bros. and the New Super Mario Bros. U style.”

So this

Or this

is possible.

Or this


So there it is. Yep, my first post in a long time is slightly short and mainly Wii focused. But really I feel you should know and join in the excitement for these things.

GG! and I hope to start posting on a more regular basis now that things are more stable.


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