R/R/R/Review- Spin Tires

Posted: June 15, 2014 in Random/Review
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And once again, after a long break, I’m back. I’m still trying to get into a new routine of mixing my personal life, working more and writing all together.

So starting off, while there are a few big games that have come out since my departure (Wolfenstien & Watch_Dogs) and even more E3 news, my first post is going to be about a slightly smaller title that I’ve been meaning to rave about for a while now.

Spin Tires is a PC game that Josh has been following since 2012. And since its a game that will slightly run on my laptop, I’ve gotten my tires muddy as well.

Back in 2009 Spin Tires won 2nd place for Intels Best Game Optimized for Intel® Graphics and 1st place for Best Threaded Game. 

But like some of the best games I’ve played. It didn’t get our attention until watching Yogscast play it on their Trucking Tuesday segment.

The official release was June 13th. But even up until then there was a tech demo and the dev demo.


The Dev demo is moddable. And I may be slightly biased, but the game does have a great modding community. And as for the full game, they say they are fully committed to supporting mods and are working to make them compatible.


Now onto gameplay- When people ask me what you can do in Minecraft I usually say “Well you can mine or you can craft.” For Spin Tires the answer is similar..you can spin a lot of tires.



But it is much more than that. Their description–

Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you.

Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fueling stations, garages and lumber mills. Collect lumber with the crane attachments and try to deliver them to the objectives.

Use the surroundings to your advantage, you may need to winch yourself free!



And people seem to be responding well. As of now Spin Tires is #1 Top Rated on Steam.

And why wouldn’t they? This game has a lot going for it.

  • Terrain deformation
  • Realistic driving physics
  • Usable crane
  • Usable winch
  • Trucks take damage and use fuel
  • 5 fairly large maps
  • Great sound effects
  • 4 player Multiplayer
  • Partial controller support


Then there are small little touches that add even more realism, like the fact the trucks get muddy and going through water rinses it off.

And while you’re driving around, hard at work, you leave ruts most everywhere you go.


…Or you can just mess around.


So please, give this game a try. Only 29.99 on Steam, its a good buy. (btw steam is required no matter where you purchase it from) Especially since I’ve seen most all of the work that has went into it and how much I know they will make it even better.

GG! and have fun Muddin’

*Credit goes to Josh for all the pics. Small ones are from old demo, while the large ones are from full game.

PS-My favorite thing really–

10465810_10152423930258808_383245952_oYou can shift gears! Manually!


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