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There is nothing more nostalgia inducing than the sound of Legos rustling.

Really, there’s nothing better. Me and mine are getting older now and were definitely in that reminiscing about the good old times phase.

So Josh (being the one who had pretty much the best childhood toys) tried to recover his collection of Legos from his homestead. Having  past them down to his brother, he had to, of course, ask his mom for them back.

Well for inadvertent reasons, that wasn’t possible….

But wait! Theres good news everyone!

Instead, Joshs mom (being the great person she is)

Went out and bought us new Legos!


Sorry for the influx of dogs pictures, but I’m in a great mood. ^_^











Well I’m sure you don’t need me to explain Legos anymore, so instead, here are my Pictures.



Yeah, Josh really didn’t want his pic taken.


The squeal I did when I shot the little gun the first time was funny as hell.


Yeah, Zach didn’t want his pic taken either, but I caught him off guard.


Please no comments about the amount of crap I keep on my couch, What can I say, I’m kinda a hoarder.


Little R2 made me so happy.


Why is there a spartan there? I don’t know, but it makes for an awesome fight

IMG_1724 IMG_1734
IMG_1735 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1744 IMG_1750 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1764 

Then of course, we had to go get more. Now our Lego count has went from zero to well over a couple thousand. With Star Wars sets, truck sets, and a few small random builds.


Cute little log truck

Cute little log truck




Yeah, this was my build. Redneck Wookie

Yeah, this was my build. Redneck Wookie


Josh’s ship made from extra pieces. Pretty legit.




Good work men!

Good work men!

Don’t worry, there’s still more to come. This is a hobby we all have and it’s going to stick around for awhile. And if you don’t like Legos then there is something wrong with you.


Edit-I should say that all the larger builds, Josh put most all the work into, followed by Zach. I have no patience for such things, and spent most the time setting up little scenes with the people.


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