R/R/R/Review S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha +May the 4th Pics

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Alright people, I’m Back.

Now full disclosure here, I haven’t actually played this game myself. This is something Josh found and I immediately fell in love with.

While waiting for 7 Days to Die to update, the people of their forums have been sharing some other things they have found to fill time. –Original post here

Which led Josh here. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl originally came out in 2007. And when it did, it seems a few people were not happy with exactly how it came out.

It wasn’t bad, received mostly 8/10s. But there was a gap from conception to execution. Fans realized that the official release was missing a lot of levels and other features from the alpha that they wanted to see.

So in comes the modding community.  (much ❤ to the modding community)

“We have a full vision about GSC’s old levels, due to the collected materials, videos and forgotten screenshots. We decided to remake those stunning areas, maybe they won’t be the same, but we will try everything to make them look really nice, as we always wanted to see them. In early 2009, GSC released a build from 2004, which contained many old materials. We used some of the sdk objects for the level remakes, but adjusted (and bug fixed) them for our liking, also we didn’t throw out our own levels.”


So with bits and ends, they made this, the free alpha. Released just this April, it is free to play and was clearly made with love.

So about the acronym “Scavenger, Trespasser, Adventurer, Loner, Killer, Explorer, Robber.” It seems pretty fitting for this game.

Set in the Chernobyl area, the in-game map is huge. I mean huge!


While playing, the game is separated into 18 different zones with a loading screen between each one. You’re are only able to travel through the zones at certain locations since a lot of the map is block by fences and mountains.

Basic Description- “The player assumes the identity of an amnesiac “Stalker,” an illegal explorer/artifact scavenger in The Zone, referred to as Marked One. The Zone is the location of an alternate-reality version of the Chernobyl Power Plant after a second, fictitious explosion that contaminated the surrounding area with radiation and caused strange, otherworldly changes to the local flora and fauna, as well as to the laws of physics.”

Nothing creepy about this

Nothing creepy about this


It is a mix of FPS and RPG with a very Fallout feel. More it plays like Half Life, I was told. There are a of elements to your person. There is radiation to worry about, hunger, thirst, bleeding and plenty of things that want to kill you.

There are things like anomalies that are randomly placed, each which there own effect ranging from fire starting to shooting you up in the air. The are mostly hard to see so they are found by throwing bolts and looking for the disruptions.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=b-O8sjpoTK0 <here is a good video of the effects of a vortex anomaly>


Then there are mutants, as they are in most games, are freaky as crap.

And in the lost alpha, they have added back a few of them that were taken out of the released game.

like the terrifyingly awkward Izlom

and the only slightly offensive Burer.

The environment is the best part I would say. Like I said the map is huge and there are plenty of nice locations to explore.


In the original game cars were taken out, but here in the Alpha world they make a return. You can either buy one or find one of the few spread out along the map.


I will say however, they wont last very long. Gas is a rare commodity.

All together, it is really what you would expect from a nuclear Ukraine.


The voice acting may not be award winning, but really, it doesn’t matter too much. With a decently interesting story, you can ignore some minor flaws.


So if this interest you at all, you sould go try out the free lost alpha. The link on the page explains how to install, but I’ll give you a sum up-“Lost Alpha is a Stand alone Release. Download all 4 parts, and use winrar or winzip to unpack them, then run setup.exe and follow the instructions.”

And a special thanks to Josh for finding this and playing it while I watch and jump when the zombies startle me.

*edited for geographical errors and broke picture links.




Ok now onto my May the 4th. Working at Gamestop I get to enjoy and pretty nice geek life. And when I found out I was going to able to dress up for May the 4th I squealed.

To stay work appropriate, I went with non-slave Leia.

So yep, I as the only one dressed up in the entire town and I walked around, a proud Star Wars fan, enjoying the stares.


And even though its late now, May the forth be with you.

  1. Paul says:

    Alright for one. Great review! I love the original to bits and now i definitely want to play the Lost Alpha.
    And two. Epic costume, cute ass R2 and, you are beautiful.
    Stay awesome and May the 4th be with you!

  2. cmelnick117 says:

    Thank you! I had to go back and change a few things. I wasn’t expecting so many views. But all info should now be correct.
    (and thanks, the R2 is actually a thermos lunchbag)

  3. Wojciesz says:

    Well.. Chernobyl is in Ukraine not in russia. But at time like thais everything can happend. Grat review tho! 😉

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