Quickie-My 2DS

So as you know, I have been playing Bravely Default. But up until I’ve been playing on Zachs 3DS. So if he playing, I was slightly SOL at that moment.

So with the power of trade ins and my place of employment–


Buck Bunny lol

And Josh and Zach donating some games for me to trade in along with my old non-working 360, I was off to get something new.

The only question then, was what to get. With not quite enough money to get a new 3DS and not wanting to get just a DS there was only one good option left.

Pretty in pink

Oh yeah. At 129.99$ this thing is a Gamestop exclusive for a limited time and come with a very pink Disney case.

I however didn’t LOVE the Mickey case. I know, blasphemy right?

Well cue sewing skills now.

IMG_1689IMG_1690Ok the stitching may not look great, but I really do have more sewing skills than that. I was just in a hurry to actually play something.

Since this was a new system I also had to get my own copy of Bravely Default and start over.

Which really was a good thing since I had learned a lot along the way that I should have known the entire time of playing.

So anyway, that’s it. Just wanted to show off my new pretty 2DS. It works great. I don’t really care that it’s not 3D. I rather like the fact that it feels sturdy and is easy to hold.

IMG_1692 IMG_1695

So GG! my gamers, I’m off to continue my adventures.


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