R/R/R/Review-Bravely Default

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Random/Review
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While waiting for bigger games to come out, I’ve been biding my time

So what does well for that?

Alright so let me give you my version of a recap–

There are 4 characters in your group.

  • Agnes- A stuck up-ish girl who is a vestal of wind trying to cleanse the crystals.
  • Tiz- A timid boy who sets out to rebuild his town after it was sucked into a sink hole.
  • Ringabel- A amnesic lady’s man with a journal that has psychic like predictions.
  • Edea- A strong girl who was part of an army sent to capture Agnes but instead joins her side.

Your mission- Help Agnes cleanse the crystals.

Also with the help of–

Airy the Fairy..yes really

This is basically a spin-off of Final Fantasy: Four Heros of Light.

It is a turn-based Rpg with random encounters and Its fun.

And pretty

I’ll admit. I played the demo and I wasn’t sold on it. But I just wasn’t giving it a good chance. See, I didn’t get its battle system at first. So Josh and Zach started their games before me.

But I was talked into trying it again…and loved it. (yeah yeah, hes always right)

Once I understood the battle system it became a lot easier to get into. And to explain that–

“The game uses a system of stocked points called “BP” which characters use to gain extra turns. Every character has their own set of BP. When using the “Default” command, a turn is skipped in order to stock a BP, and the “Brave” command uses that BP to move twice.
Players can move twice and drop into negative BP, which will result in a combo of turns; however, this gives the enemy several turns in a row”

See? Not that difficult to understand. Something else I like about this game is the job options.

There are 24 jobs you collect through out the game.

All with there own moves, costumes, and usefulness.

There is really a ton of stuff to this game.

Including a slight mini game composed of rebuilding Tizs town making more things available in game.

But there are things that I don’t even fully understand yet.

Those things that I’m still learning about–

“Job commands are the special skills of that class, such as Magic and Attack. Support abilities are automatic skills like HP +10% or Cover. Job commands can be set with abilities learned from other jobs, allowing mixed characters with multiple skills. Support abilities can be customized, but there is a set “cost” as to how many support abilities can be placed on one character. ”


“Another new battle command is the “Friend Summon” system, where players can summon the characters of other players using either data transfer between the player’s friends or 3DS Streetpass system between strangers. When a Friend Summon is used repeatedly, they will grow in “Affection” and become stronger.”

To people who play Rpgs like second nature, you might understand this easier than I did.

But luckily I have a great teacher in house. And with two people playing before me, I’m kept up to date on how to do things.

So if you have a 3ds I would definitely give this game a chance. Its worth it.

Don’t like Rpgs?


So gg! everyone. I will be posting more a soon a some more One games come out. but these games in the mean time have been really enjoyable.

Trials review will probably be next.

EDITED: also I would like to add if you don’t usually play in 3D, I would suggest at least trying it for this game. Some of the levels are just gorgeous in 3D.

  1. I really enjoyed Bravely Default, so the more love it gets, the happier I become.

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