Thrilling Things Thursday? Metal Gear Ground Zeros

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Games
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I am not a Metal Gear Veteran. To date I have only played Peace Walker on the PSP.

But I can say that I have watched Josh play them before and I have always liked the way they looked and presented themselves.

hehe they will never see me

So when this and Phantom Pain were announced I was decently excited to jump into to this world a little more for myself.

However, luckily for me I have a short attention span and consider 3ish hours to be a long time. (Josh got a longer play time out of it because of strategy. pfff, who needs that?…well he did find a lot of crawl spaces and power switches that helped)

OK for starters in case you don’t know, here is the chronological order-


Kojima compared Ground Zeroes to a  prequel due to how it will build up the plot from The Phantom Pain. Kojima claimed that his aim was to target taboos and mature themes, which he considered to be “quite risky” for sales.

Now the story for Ground Zero was simple enough. Go rescue Paz and Chico.

So the main story is basically just infiltrate one base and save two people.

It may be a simple plan but it is not simple to execute. As I have said before, I don’t do sneaking well so I died 10 times in 3 hours. 2 of those times is was being shot by a tank point blank.

At some points it was difficult to find ways around but that is kind of the point, so really it was challenging but mostly good way.

I found that every time I got stuck or was confused, it was my own stupidity. I’m sure it’s not the fact that I tried going in guns blazing…multiple times.

After beating the main campaign “four additional side ops are unlocked, each of which takes place prior to the main mission and are listed as “pseudo-historical recreations.” After collecting all XOF patches, the player will unlock a bonus extra op, which one depending on the system played on.

So this was really just a expanded demo. But a demo to show off Kojimas new Fox Engine. Which they hope will be the “best engine in the world.”

Gather what you want from that picture. I don’t see a huge difference. But from what I have seen on the One it looks great.

All and all, its good; but really, I’m not sure it’s worth the money.

IGN praised it being a “stripped down” game which “avoids lengthy cutscenes, climactic boss fights, and the usual frayed and tangled plot strands in favor of smart, tactical gameplay.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Polygon said it was “staggeringly short and unsatisfying, feeling more like a cash grab than an honest-to-goodness installment in a beloved franchise.”

I would say if you’re a big Metal Gear fan, definitely check it out. But if you don’t love it, then maybe just wait a bit.

And for the future, here is the e3 trailer for Phantom Pain.

So if you decide to play now, GG!

Spoilers incoming









End credits


chuck norris?



  1. Just wanted to point out that. Metal Gear Rising is actually non-canon in the MG timeline, like a fun “what if”. Other than that your timeline looks solid (hehhehheh).

    That said Grounds Zeroes seems like it shouldn’t cost more than five bucks, which is about what I’m willing to spend on what seems like a demo.

  2. cmelnick117 says:

    Ah, thanks. Like I said I don’t know Metal Gear that much, but I’ll fix it….(last time I trust Wiki to be right)

    But yeah, it’s not exactly worth full price. I would say like 10$ would be fair.

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