Quickie-Xbox One update

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Games
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I’m not sure if any one else has had the issue where the One is not reading disc or tries to steal the disc away from as you’re trying to take it out.


But we have…well 1/2 of our Ones have.

Supposedly the April update is going to help with that.

Patch notes

  • Ongoing fixes and adjustments to the user interface.
  • A fix for software issue that can result in the “Do you own this game or app?” error.
  • A fix for Blu-ray drive not taking a disc after the console has been idle for a period of time.
  • Update to address an issue where some disc types are pulled back into the drive after being ejected, requiring a second eject command.
  • A fix for an issue where some games may become unresponsive when attempting to resume after the console has come out of standby.

Read more here.

However I can say that even after the update, our One still had issues with reading disk. But this may be just an issue with our particular One.

I’ve checked the support site which has this to say.

Make sure your console is placed horizontally on a flat, stable surface.

If other discs don’t load or play properly, or your drive makes a grinding noise, your console may need service.

And of course

Try cleaning the disc with a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth.

The equivalent of…

We’re going to try calling Support for our issue and I’ll report back any findings. But as of now its just a game of inserting and ejecting disk until it get recognized.

As for everyone else hopefully this update will help with any issues you have had. And if you haven’t had any issues, cheers to ya.



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