R/Rant/R/R …No games eh

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Games, Rant/Raves
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So you may have noticed the lack of post right now. Sure I could whip up some editorial on something random. But really I can’t bring myself to.

Really all I’m doing right now is sitting;twiddling my thumbs just waiting.

Granted, Elder Scrolls Online is now out for the PC, so I will be getting that as soon as I can.

But besides that, there’s been nothing I am too interested in.

Here is the list of upcoming games for the One.

  1. Lego Hobbit 4/8
  2. Kinect Rivals 4/8
  3. Trials Fusion 4/15
  4. Amazing Spiderman 2 4/29
  5. Wolfenstein 5/20
  6. Watch Dogs 5/27
  7. Murdered Soul Suspect 6/3
  8. Elder Scrolls Online 6/30
  9. Sniper Elite 3 7/1
  10. Evil Within 8/26
  11. The Crew 8/31
  12. Batman Arkham Knight 10/14
  13. Lords of the Fallen 12/31
  14. Assassin Creed Unity 12/31
  15. Alien Isolation 12/31
  16. Evolve 12/31
  17. Dying Light
  18. Madden 2015
  19. The Witcher 3
  20. Destiny
  21. Mad Max
  22. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

Right now there are 22 Xbox one titles scheduled to come out compared to 20 for the 360. Out of the Ones 22 only 7 of those are exclusive to the One. (Keep in mind I’m not talking Microsoft vs Sony just One vs 360)


I don’t know if we’re just becoming spoiled and impatient (I’m pretty sure that is a lot of it) or if its just taking too long for things to come out. (Also games that have come out that just weren’t as good as we wanted them to be)

And most people on my friends list seem to be content just watching TV on their Xbox.



This is what it seems like.


So yes, I am just going on a rant about how there are not enough games being made AND that people aren’t playing as much as they should.

A little bratty? Maybe. Completely true? I obviously feel so.

To make matters even worse there are plenty of titles out for the 360 that me and many others would love to play on the One.

People come into Gamestop all the time asking if we have a copy of GTA5 for the One. No..No we don’t. Wished we did, but it’s not a thing.

So here we are in limbo, just waiting and hoping.

Cue stock photo

Ok, well thats most of my rant. Feel free to join in. Anything you wish they would move to the One? What game are you waiting for? What are you doing to pass the time?

GG! And may the games be ever in you favor.


  1. Faquza says:

    Well, the GTA V on current gen may soon enough be sa thing. French site leaked listings for it. But we are in a game drought for the modern system. As a person who got a PS4 yesterday it’s a bitch because we now play the waiting game. But honestly, I need to work on my backlog anyway.

    • cmelnick117 says:

      Really? GTA would be cool. I still would like a PS4. I have the One but I like that some indie games I like are coming to the PS4. (Don’t Starve) But yeah hopefully good things will come soon until then enjoy the classics.

      Edited-Also thank you for being someone with a ps4 who commented. I don’t buy into console wars. Each one is good for their own thing

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