Fangirl Friday-Geek Out

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Funny
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Being a geek means a ton of things and it’s not the same for every person, it’s just about what you love. So if you were ever curious about me–

I love my socks ^_^

Yeah, that about sums me up.

I love geeky little chibi or kawaii things. Especially my cute little Scribblenauts Joker–

"Aren't I just good enough to eat?"

“Aren’t I just good enough to eat?”


Yeah, I’m 24 but I love cute, adorable, childish things just as much as I love explosions, guns, and video games.

See, I’ve always known I was a geek and I think Simon Pegg said it best–

That being said here are some of the things I geek out over–


Delirium, from The Sandman comics.

Big Brother Is Watching

…starting reading after the show but still really enjoyed


A plug for my favorite Youtube channel

Yogscast Youtube videos are the best

…smh I love these guys


In the video game department–


One of the first games that got me into gaming consistently

I’m really hoping someone else knows this game



New Girl

Don’t hate


Will watch for years and years

Arrested Development

Gone before its time


In short we are all geeks about something and finding people to geek out with is the best feeling in the ‘verse.

Not sure what type of geek you are? Check out this helpful chart.

16 types of geeks that exist today

Well there are plenty of other things I’m a geek over, but that’s it for now. Really there are so many things that I want to share and I just hope you all enjoy and stick around.


Oh and for the record

learn the difference


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