R/R/R/Review-Elder Scrolls Online Beta

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Games, Random/Review
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I have been an Elder Scrolls fan for awhile. Morrowind was actually one of the first games I really got into playing. (that and Halo for the first Xbox)

So needless to say the idea of taking all the things I love about Elder Scrolls and mixing it together with all my friends (all both of them)

So enter Elder Scrolls Online—

Love the logo…Tattoo idea?

Josh signed up for the beta awhile ago. And so far we got into 4 of the dates. First, Josh played. Second and third Zach played. And this last one, I finally play. And since non-disclosure agreement has now been dropped, I can share the pictures I managed to get.




First I have to apologize. I have a short attention span. Don’t expect to be able to gather any story from what pictures I have.

That being said I still had an amazing time. Everything felt great starting out. So familiar but new too.

This beta also let you play any race and faction. So I was a Wood Elf sorcerer that was a part of the Ebonheart pact. (Why? Because I’m the mother of dragons, that’s why.)


Normal division–

  • The Aldmeri Dominion, (represented by a eagle), High elf, Wood elf, and Khajiit
  • the Daggerfall Covenant (represented by a lion), composed of Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs
  • the Ebonheart Pact (represented by a dragon), composed of Nords, Dark elf and Argonians

True to Elder Scrolls fashion, you start off locked in a cell with some mystical force talking and someone letting you free.


From there you run through the cave talking to those you meet along the way, including this jolly fellow.

Pot Head...get it?

Pot Head…get it?

Around here you meet up with a woman who you team up with to escape this place and to free this mystical force known as the prophet.

eso9Now of course there is something to fight. Why? I don’t know, everything is too pretty for me to care about what these people are saying.

eso1eso4AHHH! I don’t even care if I die I just want to stand here and stare at this.

After all of the intro, your reward is this guy–

eso6Now here is the best part, after saving him (spoil alert..)




and after the woman you were with, sacrifices herself, the kindly prophet basically tells you to go figure your life out by yourself.

Go make some friends or something–

Now I’m sure some more things will be tweaked or more dialogue added but really most things are already pretty great.



As if the inside of the caves weren’t pretty enough, one step outside and I just want to stay here forever.

I had a few more picture of the lovely giant mushrooms but they were too dark to really see anything.

But here’s the part I love the most. Seeing real people running around right beside me. In the world just a few minutes, and I got a friend request.

eso7Also here with all these people running around. I didn’t experience any lag. Actually I had very few technical problems this whole experience.

Now in the city, there were a few things to do. There was an ad for the Fighters Guild, a war going on, a guard that needed help making a choice, one guy who wanted me to go fight his ancestors and some other spirits to free.


During the time I played, there’s not many of these quests I actually completed. I spent most of my time running and jumping around…Sometimes just following real people to see what they were up to.

eso11And thus concludes my time spent in the beta. I’ll admit there was probably a lot of lore I missed. But can you blame me? I mean after two years of waiting and planning, I was too excited to really focus.

But only a few more months to wait. Release date is in June. However as far as I know that was the last beta to be available, so now were all just back to waiting…

So many things to look forward too…

ADDED–also to hold you over in the mean time go here to access a skill calculator to go ahead and plan out your character. Feel free to share your builds here!



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