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Posted: March 12, 2014 in Rant/Raves
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I’m not a hipster (ok maybe a bit) but sometimes you don’t want to buy into a mainstream game, spend 60$ just to be bored a day later.

That’s where indie games come in. Usually sold cheaper or sometimes even free, indie games fills a void that sometimes blockbusters can’t.

Everyone reading might already know my love for Minecraft by the game developer Mojang. Started by Markus Persson, Mojang has now exploded into mainstreamdom.

But I say good for them. They do deserve it. They have answered most all of their fans wishes and continue to come out with new content. (now if they can hurry up and make their game for the One I’ll sing even more praises)

Other Note worthy games to try–

Papers, Please.

So much power in two little stamps

This game is basically a border patrol simulation with a odd but captivating and almost haunting story. There are bribes, sob stories, terrorists and 20 possible endings. Made by Lucas Pope in 2013, you can get this game via steam for 9.99 or here you can get the beta version for free.

I would suggest watching this video with the great Nilesy from Yogscast (also if you don’t know of the Yogscast, please please please! look at their stuff YOGSCAST)

Dear Esther

More of an Experience than a game, Dear Esther tells a story through voiced over readings of letters fragments to…you might have guessed it…Esther.

My jaw literally dropped here

The voice over work is great and memorable. I played it once sometime last year and I can still hear some of the clips in mind crystal clear.

This is something you might just have to see for yourself to really “get.”

Yeah, its abstruse to say the least

Yeah, its abstruse to say the least

Get it here for 9.99

Thomas Was Alone

It seems one thing that makes a great indie game is taking something very basic and adding a great and deep story.

This would explain why, in just a matter of seconds, I fell in love with this little red rectangle.

Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle game that takes random rectangles gives them a color, name, personality and moving ability. These quadrilaterals represent A.I.s trying to escape a dark cloud that is chasing them through hazard infested levels.

Again, this game has great voice over. Although the characters themselves don’t talk, a narrators explains how they feel and what they were thinking. Which works out perfectly really. It makes for a great story.

Can be purchased here for whaaaa?! 9.99

Prison Architect

In this you design, plan, build, and run your own prison. This is still in the alpha stage but is a great game.

Even in this early stage, it made over $10.7 million in pre-order sales.

This game is immensely fun. Between just planing and designing you can spend hours. Just don’t get too attached. Chances are your dream prison wont work out for some reason or another and you will have to restart.

But even so, there are so many things to do. Once your prison is built you can then hire a warden, some guards and put them to work. The warden can be used to research more things like doctors and K9 units.

You can get Prison Architect Alpha here

However this game is a whole 30$ at its lowest price point.

If you invest more, you can get sweet things like a prisoner named after you or phsyical goods like a poster and t-shirt.

Wrap Up

The moral here is to not discredit indie games before you try them. The best suggestion I would have, is for you to check out the Humble Bundle.

The humble bundle is a group (or “bundle” if you you will lol) of indie games you can buy for what ever price you want. You pay more, you get more. And you decide how to split the money. It goes between the developers, charity, and the humble bundle team.

These bundles change up every two weeks or so check it out now!!


  1. love papers please – I play it on rainy days when I’m feeling low and the mood just sinks into me and I truly feel what the creator was trying to convey – good or bad, you are ultimately just a cog in the machine

  2. depends on my mood but usually as strict as I can – I’ve yet to finish with no citations – argh feels like real work somedays but the art style and the music always pulls me back in

  3. I love Indie games – such a refreshing time for games (my first console was a Telstar) – I remember playing GTA 5 and thinking what a soulless piece of crap it was (Skyrim too)
    The last big name game I enjoyed was Fallout 3 – in fact I just fired it up again today after somehow missing the entire modding thing and I’m back baby! think this time ill crack 1000 hours

    god I need a life 😛

    • cmelnick117 says:

      Ah! fallout will always be in my top 10 list. Would love to hear about your mods too. Now Skyrim, I did enjoy but only because I liked just walking around picking flowers and all lol.

  4. mods – fallout wanderers edition (set to harsh wasteland mode), ties that bind, world of pain, project reality and marv’s mutants.
    also game mode set to hard.

    its so fricking hard now, this game, its stupidly hard. but thats what i wanted. I want to be crawling over the next hill with my guts hanging out and no food and no water and no sleep and a supermutant the size of a house waiting for me.
    THATS fallout to me.

    skyrim – sigh. i wanted it to be good. it was too easy. esp. the dragons. only thing good about skyrim are the GamerPoop vids on youtube 🙂

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