R/R/R/Review-South Park: The Stick of Truth-Needless to say NSFW

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Random/Review
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One of the first things I’ve read, said “Could South Park: The Stick of Truth be the Best Licensed Game Ever?” but unfortunately it got worse from there.

A Kotaku reviewer said “But Stick of Truth, out Tuesday for 360, PS3, and PC, is a game marred by bugs and technical issues, and it is impossible to separate the art from the faulty product surrounding it.

Now I’m not one to take one persons opinion. And I definitely wouldn’t be swayed into not buying one of the only games coming soon I was really looking forward to. But keeping these reviews in mind, we purchased it for the PC instead of the 360 hoping that it was marred with less issues.

And I’m glad we did. It has been HELLA FUN!

Ok, lets get the first bit of bad news out of the way. Its not too long of a list so that’s good.

  • Can’t be a girl (may only affect me, but I guess I’ll be rockin the Princess Kenny look.)
  • Some slight bugs in the beginning. During the tutorial there was a little freezing but since there are frequent checkpoints it wasn’t too bad to restart.
  • Some things can get repetitive. (If you don’t find fart jokes funny don’t bother playing) Also other NPC teammates can become impatient waiting on you to make choices and begin to complain.
  • Combat system can be a bit convoluted. I hate timed clicking and that’s pretty much all it is. Button mash, button mush, button mash, click, click, click.
  • While not hard by any means, there are some points that lack direction and leave you wandering, wondering which power or attack to use where.

Now for the fun–

Normal Beginnings- Like any RPG you create you can character with a decent amount of options. When finished with that you’re booted into your new home with your parents telling you to go outside and make some friends.

With friends like these who needs enemies- Your first friend, who introduces you to the new game in town is Butters. Because there’s no one who could make you seem cooler than Butters. Next on the friends list is the Grand Wizard Cartman who quickly grants you a new great name in this world of fantasy.

From there you’re shown the ropes and take up a recent opening on Cartman’s team, though you will have a chance to change sides later.

spInnuendo Galore- This game is chock full of references. It’s never ending. And if you are a fan you will definitely get a chuckle out of most all of them. Whether its the contents of a closet or a random phrase by NPCs, it’s very funny. And most junk items are also all sorts of Easter eggs that can be sold at shops.

All the things you would expect to see in South Park are here.

  • Crab people
  • Mr. Hankey
  • Gingers
  • Hobos
  • Lovable towns people
  • Mongolians
  • Aliens
  • Underpants Gnomes
  • One of my favorite, Goth Kids!!
  • And much much more

There is more to this game than you would think. It’s heavy in RPG elements that you level and power up and tons of clothing choices and class options to look and fight just like you want.

And there are plenty of story twist to keep things interesting. No spoilers, but just don’t expect to keep waging war against the same enemies for very long. It changes direction a lot and always seems to be playing at something bigger.

Not to mention you can gain friends. Not only useful for your Facebook stats, but also for battles. Some friends made can be summoned in battle once a day to fight your enemies for you. Most of the time with some huge showy move.

I also want to say the graphics are way better than expected. It really looks just like the show. I know that doesn’t seem like that great of a thing, but it really is. It’s not a watered down imposter or low budget attempt. It just feels like you were put into a long episode made just for you.

Put all of this together and you end up with a great game. Maybe not game of the year, but if you like South Park, then you really need to give it a chance. I’m super cereal.

If not for any of these reasons, do it for the nazi zombies….

But seriously,

fuck Clyde.

Fuck Clyde…Seriously







Screw you guys, I’m goin’ back to the game

Update:: zomg zomg zomg just wait til you get to Canada.


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