TMI Tuesday-Games and Collectables

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a shopper. I don’t like spending money. BUT that being said there are some things I love buying and spending money on…

...or cutesy things

…or cutesy things

I am sucker for collectables. Statues, bobbleheads, pictures, anything I can get my hands on.



reachHalo reach with noble team statue, Dr. Halseys journal, and a SPARTAN II patch-don’t mind if I do.



IMG_1639Batman Arkham Asylum With batarang and Arkham Journal- Didn’t even care for the game but I’ll take it!



Will I ever neeeeed night vision goggles? Probably not but we had them. (not sure where they are now)



IMG_1638My precious precious Vault Boy. This has to be one of my favorite collectables I own.



Now this is not including the standard games I buy on a normal basis. No, that information I’m not sharing. It’s not polite to talk about financial matters…I’ll just say, thank glob for trade ins at the Gamestop.

You may ask, what is the point of all this buying and trading? Exactly!


I may work at Gamestop but this is not a plug for my store. This is just an expression of my love for rewards points.


You can get some awesome stuff with points built up from trading in old things and buying more.

At first I just used these points on coupons (pronounced Coo-pins FYI) but there are waaaaay better things you can get as well.

CUE reward pics!

IMG_1637Blake bobble from Workaholics in his awesome bear coat



Currently I’m using the lunch box as a pocketbook.

. IMG_1640 Yoshi wallet and Fender amp lunchbox. Yes please!



Long story short, rewards are awesome and just so you know this is the most expensive thing up there—

“Exclusive limited edition version of the original Chainsaw Lancer featuring all new deco from the latest Gears of War video game, Judgment.”

Alright enough about my spending habits and my place of employment. But really this stuff is amazing, just sayin…



Also today I finally got caught up on Walking Dead. The Daryl and Beth episode…I may or may not have shed a tear.



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