Thrilling Things Thursday

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Games, TV
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Hello again everyone! I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing, but now I’m back and boy, is there plenty to talk about.


Thief – I got Thief on release and it has been interesting to say the least. Though there are ups and downs I’m feeling pretty positive about it.

Downs – Graphics are sometimes very washed out looking; things are very bland and grey for the most part. Dumb AI is an issue. You can usually quickly get away with no problem just by dashing to the side of them. The world does seem a bit closed off and confusing. I definitely would like to see the”free running” aspect look a little bit more free.

Ups – Sneaking feel good, very visceral. Its fun to watch someone as cool as Garret slink around in the shadows. Likeable charterers. While the plot line is a little…odd, I do like and care about the people.

Ok and for the biggest up–At one point in the story missions “the feel” of the game gets a major overall…AND IT’S AWESOME! I’ll give no spoilers, but it stops feeling like an stealth game and more along the lines of a Silent Hill genre. Just play to find out!

*Cough*safe combos*Cough*

More Xbox One Updates – Beta

*not my pic or friends

As some people may know, there is a beta going on for the next Xbox One update. This includes the friends list being separate from the feed and the recent players list. Favorites at the top of course and a find friends option.

Also there will the ability to live stream. “Allow broadcast” will do just that. The ability to use Twitch (coming March 11th) to broadcast your play through. Something that I am considering doing soon.

The Kinect menu also has a few more options. And now under the Network status there is a section that will let you know of any service issues.

Party chat defaulted to on and you can now users can invite a friend either just to a party, just to a game, or to both.

And included was an update for the controller that will let you use the upcoming headset adapters.


  • While I have played it yet, Plants vs. Zombies:Garden Warfare is getting some pretty good reviews.
  • Xbox in the effort to “lower the barriers for indie developers” they made the program ID@Xbox and sent dev kits to many developers. now there are over 200 of them working on games now. I ❤ IndieGames
  • Trials Fusion coming to the One April 16th!!! With quads, a story, dlc, stunts, and pretty pretty graphics.
  • Nintendo killing online support for Wii and DS. 😦 Since many people have not upgraded to a WiiU or 3DS yet (like me) this news is a bit jarring but we have until June to prepare.
  • Netflix is getting Pokemon!!!!! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!!
  • Elder Scrolls got a M rating and I’m ok with that.
  • 343 has a “great plan” to share and this years E3
  • Minecraft!!!! Hopefully soon there will be an announcement about when we can expect to see it for the One.


Can’t fire a gun but can save mankind????

Since I missed Sundays post for Walking Dead


all I have just this to say is



Well thats all for now, thanks for reading!



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