Posted: February 17, 2014 in Games
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Ok. Here’s the thing-I loved the idea of Titanfall. But that’s just it, I loved the idea.

In theory, it sounds kickass. Free-running double-jumping  cloaking pilots. Force-using dashing mechs running amok. Bots running around to kill.

Now for the bad part, everything I’ve read is nothing more than a mix of these buzz words. I’ve only found a few places that have share the sames things I’ve felt after playing the beta.

Not a lot of content for full game price

In the beta there are two maps and there are rumored to be 13 when the game releases. Now one of the selling points of this game had been the incorporates single payer elements into multi-player.

However, I’m not really feeling it. Sure there’s some talking. Someone pops up every now and then to quickly shout out some objectives but really It just left me feeling like “really, is that it?”

And even with 13 maps, will they be the same each time? The same “story” each time? Playing in a rotation of maps seems like it would get very old very quick.

So really its $60 for a game $250 for collectors that only,  at its core, has 6 vs 6 sporadic multi-player.

“Fast-Paced Advanced Combat”

Too fast-paced for me. THERES TOO MUCH GOING ON!

So you spawn, try to get some kills/kill time before you titan is ready, then by time your just about to get yours, other players have there’s and you’re dead now.

And you instantly respawn. Which I’ll admit, I’ve complain about waiting to spawn before, but an option of when to do so would be nice.

Add everything else with the fact these 24 foot titans can dash and dodge around like a crackhead and it just seems to be a cluster(expletive deleted).

Those are my two biggest arguments here are some other things I’ve read or noticed.

  • No one cares about killing bots, it’s not cool. Its like stopping in the middle of epic battle and saying “hey lets squish some ants”.
  • “Matchmaking” didn’t seemed very well match on the beta
  • Smart pistol…”The Smart Pistol looks like a handgun in appearance, but fires bullet like projectiles that lock onto enemy pilots. It is extremely efficient at landing headshots”…
  • No recoil, you have big guns and big mechs but nothing has weight or force.
  • No splitscreen (we have real friends you know?)
  • Some people have complained matches are too short. Many people are used to almost 30 minutes for a game.
  • Sparta kick…Really?

Ok sure there might be some more things, but I won’t bash it too much. I understand its still just a beta but its not too much longer before it comes out and I doubt it will be changing too much.

I am hoping for a more polished final project. But it probably wont be a immediately buy for me.

But this isn’t a warning not to buy, just one persons opinion about what too expect. So please play and make you own opinion.



  1. Reapers says:

    you actually right it’s hyped up rubbish.

    6v6 because they are using P2P not servers, and because it’s too empty filled it with bot’s. (played my first game thinking I was doing well shooting other players, only to find out at the end all I had hit was bots???? so why the hell was I playing multiplayer??)

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