Fangirl Friday-Cartoons +Game news

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Games, Uncategorized
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I may be a 24 year old geek, but I love cutesy kawaii randomness just as much as I love explosions, guns, and action.

Yep, I’m a pegasister

I have never really stopped watching cartoons (sometimes to the dismay of others)

#1 love-

Not sure if Futurama is my favorite show–Or if I just like this meme

Yeah, its Futurama. I love this show. I was sad to see it end. (for the second time) But I will sit and watch reruns everyday.

But wait theres more–





Adventure Time, Come On Grab Your Friends

Amazing World of Gumball

Ahhh cartoons make me happy. Well, here are some other things I’ve seen recently that I wanted to share.

  • If you did get into the Titanfall beta you may be faced with issues such has a “no servers found” message. No eta on a fixes yet but the problem is not Xbox One exclusive.
    • Gearbox say they are not making Borderlands 3 just yet. But they at least have decent reason. They are working on 4 other titles and a joint project with Telltale games. Also they know they know it’s going to have to be huge and next gen.
    • I’m so very excited to see this–

      Could South Park: The Stick of Truth be the Best Licensed Game Ever?

      Picking between Mage, Thief, Warrior, and Jew, IGN writer says “Every bit of loot–assigned a cash value so you can buy new weapons and items–is contextually funny” So only 2 1/2 weeks to wait for that. Yay!

  • EVOLVE!! Just look–

Looks awesome right?!  4 V 1, Someone gets to control the monster, and originally made by the team the brought Left 4 dead. I’m excited, looking forward to this coming later this year.

Thats it for now guys, thanks for reading.



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