Newsday Tuesday 2/11/14

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Games
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Fyi, I started writing this when it was still Tuesday. I know its not anymore, but didn’t feel like making a new title. So anyway–

First up–Titanfall

The wonderful world of Titanfall is a online-only, running, jumping, parkoring, shooting, mech-piloting, kick ass looking game.

Incorporating some single player elements like npcs and plot, this seems to be a nice new take on multi-player games.

Well long story short, the beta is set to open February 14. You can go Here to register for the beta.

Set to come out March 11, EA is already rumoring that Titanfall has DLC planned and that it may also be eventually coming too Sony and Nintendo.

NEXT–Xbox One news

To any who has a Xbox One, you know that this–

Is the headset that comes with it. While not terrible, it’s nice to have options.

Well never fear-options are now available.

This new headset is $79.99. And here is what Microsoft has to say. “Its full-range audio spectrum provides deep bass and crystal-clear high frequencies, while its unidirectional microphone ensures clear communication.”

If you so happen to already have a headset you like, well there are options for you now too.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

For $24.99, this adapter you can use the headset you already have. (Which is great since I bought one right before switching to the One)

However Tritton Warhead and Tritton Primer headset do not work.

Both of these items will be available for purchase 2/25/14.


Next in the Xbox One updates, they are redoing the friend and party systems.

  • Friends list will now be showing friends online will show up first
  • party chat will now be on automatically when starting a party
  • Recent players list is back
  • Invite friends to game option is back

This update will be coming out in march. This plus the other update (was set for yesterday but is now coming later this week) should make the Xbox One even better, especially when it comes to multi-player.

Alright everyone, thats all for now. Feel free to like, comment, follow, and share.



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