Sunday Bloody Sunday-Walking Dead Edition*spoilers ahead

Posted: February 10, 2014 in TV
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Dont Dead, Open Inside?

I have been on the Walking Dead fandom since the show started. Feeling bad that I started watching the show without reading the comics, I eventually did read the comics as well.

Tonight starts the Mid-Season Premiere and if you’ve been watching so far, you know that we have lost a lot of great and some not so great people. Really shit has just hit the fan.

RIP-Andrea, Merle, Governor, Hershel, Lori, Dale, Shane, Sophia, Martinez, Meghan, Alisha, Violet the pig, and of course countless other red shirts. *Strike means I think they needed to die.

On the last episode leading up to season, there was this bad ass moment from the King of Badass-ness

Yeah, I’m Team Daryl, who isn’t? (I have high hopes for Team Glaggie as well)

So being the only one in my household who has read most of the comics, its been fun holding on to some spoilers. And to be honest there are a ton of things I’m still slightly confused about/looking forward too. But here’s are some sneak peek photos that have kept me excited about whats to come.

*right before Sheriff Carl lures those zombies to follow him for some reason…

*For the record, Beth is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

And for some maybe, possibly, spoilers here are some comic book scenes–

For those wondering about Little Asskicker, I’m not feeling hopeful.

How it went down in the comic

Carl looks like someone else….


Oh wait this on isn’t relevant….oh well

So I’m curled up on my new couch, wrapped up in my robe, eating oreos and pizza patiently waiting.

Hope you all enjoy and may your favorite characters live to fight another day!


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