Fan Girl Fridays-Food +Elder Scrolls News

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Food, Games
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So heres the thing, I eat…a lot. I eat far more than the guys in my house. I’m just a fan of food.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

So when my boyfriend hit me with the odd fact that the fine people over at Ben and Jerry’s actually have small funeral services for its discontinued flavors; I wanted to see if my favorite childhood flavor was RIP-ing. (I would get it at the Ben Jerry’s scoop shop at the beach all the time)

Imagine my surprise when I found out not only was it not discontinued, but was now being sold in pints at grocery stores. I jump on the store locator, found out where to buy it, and set out to relive my childhood. And it was awesooooome!

Why with my Jake Adventure Time hat? Because I love it.

Why pictured with my Jake Adventure Time hat? Because I love it.

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. Its no surprise to anyone, I’m sure that I love coffee and thats why I love this. It is coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks which taste like chocolate covered coffee beans (a taste I love)

So please for the love of ice cream, check out the Ben and Jerry’s website to look at their other Flavors and pick yourself up something tasty today.


Mega Stuf Oreos

Is America the land of excess? Maybe. Does it lead to some awesome things sometimes? Definitely.

*pictured three cookies not one just a fyi

*pictured-three cookies not one just a fyi

*These are the triple layers

I’ll admit the mega stuf cream really just taste like vanilla flavored butter, but somehow I still love it.

They also have Cookie Dough, Mint, Lemon, Berry, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow Crispy, and Chocolate flavors. Most of those I am a bit weary about. But hey, to each his own.

Now onto the Elder Scrolls Online news

If you have read anything ESO, you might know they have been giving out beta codes occasionally for scheduled testing.

Just in case you dont know, you can now get a code, no problem by going to and registering for one. Registration is free and you immediately get your code.

You then simply follow the links given to redeem your code (this code will be your user ID and your redeem code) and start downloading the client so you can hopefully play this weekend.

I’ve already gotten my code and will be downloading it tonight (well during the day while I sleep…dont judge me) as not to interfere with the guys online gaming.

If you do in fact get in and play, don’t tell me how it goes…Non-disclosure agreement and all. So don’t expect to hear much more on this. The first rule of beta testing-don’t talk about the beta testing


2nd place winner of the Elder Scrolls Online poster challenge: Alba Palacio, from Spain


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