Thrilling Things Thursday- More Games

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Games
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First off I want to send a very big thank you to all of you reading! I’m hoping to add more content and other things later, as I want this to grow, so please stick with me.

Ok now onto the thrilling things!

Xbox One System Update–This wont be changing too much but the things it is changing, are useful.

  1. The ability to check and mange your storage space. Which is nice compared to the “We’ll let you know when you’re out” system. And you can now track you updates better with a boot progress indicator. Also you can prioritize things on your install lineup.
  2. A battery life indicator. What and miss the fun of it abruptly dieing in the middle of a game? Blasphemy.
  3. You now will be able to plug up and use a usb keyboard.

This update will be rolling out Feb. 11. There will more more details on this later but already things are looking good.


Minecraft for the One and PS4 (+360 and PS3)–Ever known for hiding upcoming additions in pictures, 4J released these pics to show off their “plushies”

It’s like playing I spy without knowing what to look for

I spy with my little eye

Ok, if you unfamiliar with Minecraft, then you might not spot the changes right away so here’s a quick list.

Emeralds-Which means trading with villagers

Iron Anvils-Which means custom weapons

Ender Chest-Means items will be able to be retrieved from any other enderchest in the world

Carpets-A thin layer of wool that is helpful when carpeting upstairs rooms without the ceiling of the next floor down being partially made of wool.


Carrot on a Sticks-Saddled pigs are now steerable.

So in short, this is awesome.


Borderlands Valentines Day DLC–Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre. Releasing Feb. 11th, this dlc will feature your vault hunter gathering ingredients for a love potion to help the wedding between two members of feuding families. This may sound boring but being Borderlands, it never is.


❤ Borderlands…


Ok everyone, thanks for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, or do whatever you feel like. No pressure.



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