What To Watch Wednesday

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Movies, TV
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It’s worth mentioning I don’t watch thaaat much TV. Most of the time I’ll just turn it to Big Bang Theory reruns or Futurama. But as for whats new and good, here are my suggestions.

Almost Human

There is nothing new about cop drama. And most the time I would just pass it by. BUT throw in an android and a cyborg in the not so distant future, that have funny hi-jinx and gripping drama, then I guess I’ll stay turned…

Yeah, I love them. So catch it on Fox, Monday at 8.



POINTS! I love Chris Hardwick even if he is the geeks Ryan Seacrest and I miss Attack of the Show. But I loved him on that, Talking Dead and Web Soup.

@Midnight is really just Web Soup with a panel of comedians competing for the funnest responses.

It’s also noteworthy that Doug Benson often is a guest, as is Tom Lennon, which are another two great guys.


Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

Now for this, I am suggesting it before I even watch it. It is almost 3 hours long and at 1am, I don’t have enough time right now. But The premise alone, I love.

It may be geeky to love a good debate. But I do.

Ken Ham is a creationist who believes in the literal interpretation of the bible as opposed evolution and who is the Executive Director of the Creation Museum. A quote from the Creation Museums Wiki–Consistent with its Young Earth creationist ideology, the museum’s exhibits depict the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs, maintain that the Earth is approximately 6,000 years old, and dispute the idea that life arose via the process of biological evolution.

Bill Nye, (as I am hoping everyone reading would know) hosted Bill Nye the Science Guy, an educational show from 93-98. But he is more than just a TV personality, he studied mechanical engineering at Cornell, consulted in the aeronautics industry, assisted in the development of a sundial to be used on the mars rover and much, much more.

Needless to say it should be a good exchange of opinions.

Alright everyone–Live Love and Prosper


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