Fan Girl Friday-Minecraft

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Games
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First let me explain something about me, I think this picture explains it well–

Now moving on—-Minecraft!!!

Imagine this–

Mixed with something like this–

Minecraft is one of those, love it or hate it things. Some people just dont “get it”, which is fine. I just feel that they are missing out. There are so many ways to play and things you can build.
Yes, it works better if you have a good imagination, but its still a good game if you just want to hid in a cave and explore.
You can enchant items, brew potions, go to hell (well “the Nether”) and even fight a giant dragon. I mean really, how could you not like this game?

I chose to write about this now because due to the death of my old Xbox (RIP) I am now going to be starting a new world soon on another 360. But for old times sake, here is a look at my old world.




And that’s just the Castle. There is an entire town and secret lab and underground roller coaster as well. But all good things must end and soon I will be starting a new world.

With all of my fandom, here is my small collection of swag so far. I would very much like more.

*hint hint*


2 And this little guy’s name is Mr. E. He’s known to teleport around the house and sometimes even goes to work with me. Endermen are vastly misunderstood creatures. (just don’t look them in the eye)

So for Mr. E’s and my sake, please give Minecraft a try if you haven’t yet.

However I should say, I don’t want you to think your first night will be like this––credit

When really it might end up like this–

But still, you should give it a try. I love it and have lost countless days crafting and mining and I think everyone should.

Can be bought on XBLA–

And for PS3–

And PC–

Each version is only $20


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