Snow Cream (yep, first post is a random recipe)

After asking my friends WTH Snow Cream was, I got a lot of responses. Some couldn’t believe that I’ve lived in the south and had never made it before.
So after some researching and after some boredom set in I decided to try. (The guys were playing NBA 2k14 on the Xbox One, not being a sports fan I had free time.)

First Step–Collect Snow
IMG 1565
So far, so good.

Step two–Have Cup Of Coffee Because It’s Cold Outside

IMG 1568
Yum ❤ my TARDIS mug. Ok, back on track.

Step Three–Measure Stuff…Kinda
IMG 1567
Umm yeah that looks like enough vanilla.
IMG 1570
So it was 4 cups-ish of snow, 1 cup-ish of milk, splash vanilla, & about a cup of sugar.
Stir stir stir…
IMG 1571
Step Four–Finishing Touches
This needs something else. I wonder what?
IMG 1572
Oh, I know———IMG 1573
Yep, That should do it. Stir it all up and..da da DA daaaaaaa—
IMG 1578(maybe not picture worthy, but tasty)
Ok, so the final word–It was ok, a little watery but that could be my fault. definitely interesting. I’m glad I tried it though. Gave me something to do and write about at least. I think the chocolate was better. But thats just because I add cocoa to everything. (There is even some in my coffee)

My post are probably going to be about a lot of different things. Some might be game reviews, some might be more recipes, some might be things I’m working on writing. But hopefully I can get your following. Thanks and see you later! ^_^


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